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The Fisheye Baby 110 works like her big brother – same effects, same picture size, same fun – only tiny-miny! Go for the basic Fisheye Baby 110 Basic or the advanced Fisheye Baby 110 Metal featuring a PC flash adaptor for some extra light-action.
The Fisheye Baby 110is a fully working miniature version of the Fisheye No. 2designed especially to fit 110 film. It captures the world in a full circle on a rectangular picture and enables you to capture perfect Fisheye pictures. The Fisheye Baby 110 comes with a bulb mode and is able to capture multiple exposures too. Load it with the Lomography Orca B&W 100and dive into the long forgotten world of 110 photography!
If you are new to 110 film and quirky Fisheye optics, grab the Fisheye Baby 110 Basic to make your first baby steps.But if you’re more the gadget type you will fall for the Fisheye Baby 110 Metal which comes with an additional PC flash adaptor and is wrapped in shiny metal.
Get them now! Both babies are available in theLomography Online Shop and Lomography Gallery Stores worldwide.

The kinds of people that impress me

The kinds of people that impress me <— source

The kinds of people that impress me are the ones who pick up the piece of toilet paper they dropped on the floor even when a toilet attendant is right beside them…

because they believe that if they mess something up, it is their responsibility to clean it up.

The kinds of people that impress me are the ones who stay behind after everyone has left the office, library, or meeting room to go over everything “one last time” in case they might have overlooked something….

because they believe not just in delivering to deadlines but delivering excellence.

The kinds of people who impress me are the ones who make their own beds and clean their own room even when someone else will do it for them…

because they believe in taking ownership of and responsibility for their own things.

The kinds of people who impress me are the customers who point out tactfully to a barista that the coffee is not up to par, and the baristas who key in a wrong beverage as their own employee drink to replace an order that did not meet the standard…

because they believe that businesses (and the people who run them) should deliver what they promise.

The kinds of people who impress me are the ones who say “I’ll fork out the money for this first if it will take too long to get budget clearance so we can finish this project on time”…

because they are willing to make small sacrifices to accomplish a bigger goal.

The kind of people who impress me are the ones who go outside their scope of work or responsibility just to make someone else’s a little easier or more meaningful…

because they believe that when they benefit those around them, they benefit themselves.

The kinds of people who impress me are the ones who just get on with what needs to be done even if they don’t get the credit for it…

because their satisfaction comes from personal and internal, rather than external recognition.

The kinds of people who impress me are the ones whom I look up to for inspiration, respect tremendously, and aspire to emulate.

What sort of people impress you?

The LomoKino – Super 35 Movie Maker

Lomography in Motion: Take the next step in Lomography with the first camera that makes your Lomographs move on any kind of 35mm film
Unique Art: Become the director of your very own LomoMovies and produce unique and precious pieces of movie art by simply winding a crank
True Gadget: Irresistible design and unlimited creative possibilities will make gadget lovers’ hearts pound faster
LomoMovies Online: Upload, watch and share your very own LomoMovies on

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